Experiential Workshops for Leadership Teams

Transform your team's ability to Collaborate, Communicate, and Execute in hours instead of quarters.

Transform your team's ability to Collaborate, Communicate, and Execute in hours instead of quarters.

One candid, curated, meaningful day is all that it takes to transform your team.

For one day (or several, if you’d like) we’ll come together, strip away the noise, and cut to the core of where your team is at. We’ll uncover your histories, assess your relationships, and take a good look at the things you are and, more importantly, aren’t talking about.

My approach combines custom-tailored programming with proven exercises that help your team to:

  • Identify your collective gaps, dysfunctions, and key opportunity areas
  • See how your work and leadership histories impact how you show up and relate to each other today
  • Understand each other’s super powers, growth areas, and how they interact across the team
  • Speak the candid truths and feedback that will actually make a difference for your ability to execute
  • Develop skills for having effective conversations that cut to the core of your issues
  • More deeply appreciate one another for your strengths and genius
  • Integrate all of this into more effective execution in your day-to-day work life

Teams that work with me report a greater understanding of how to effectively work together, a feeling of deeper connection, and an increase in effectiveness.


"The difference between before and after working with Justin was unbelievable.

If leadership is about creating trust amongst teams of people, then this is the single best thing you can do if you want to be a great leader and lead great companies.

Best money we’ve ever spent."

-Shane Mac, Co-founder & President at XMTP Labs

"Our experience with Justin at our offsite was transformative for our team.

The process helped us surface some tensions that had been lingering for some time. We were able to get to a much deeper place as a team, and reach a point where we're far better off.

I would 100% recommend this program to any team—if you're able to shed the bubble wrap around your words, and get to a place of constructive, brutal honesty, and self-reflection, it will help unlock the team."

-Matt Galligan, Co-Founder at XMTP Labs

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